Public workshops provide information about transit planning initiatives in your area. They are also a way for the Move New Haven study sponsors to hear the opinions of transit riders and interested parties in the Greater New Haven region. Using a virtual public workshop allows you to get involved when it is convenient for your schedule, rather than at a pre-determined time.

One virtual public workshop for the Move New Haven Transit Mobility Study was held in the Spring of 2017 and the second is scheduled for the Summer of 2019. We encourage you to check out the virtual public workshop/s on this webpage to learn more about the Move New Haven Transit Mobility Study and to participate directly online from the comfort and convenience of your personal mobile or desktop devices. Comments from the public will be accepted during the two weeks while the workshop is open.

To sign up for notifications and study updates, including the 2nd virtual public workshop, complete the form in the Contact Us page and your contact information will be added to the study’s mailing list.


Virtual Workshop #1 – April 11 – May 2, 2017

To participate in our 1st virtual public workshop please click on the link below.

Check this site for future opportunities to participate and other project information.